Nursing degree conversion in Germany is a program exclusively for students who are studying or have graduated from College/University of Nursing in Vietnam. International students only need to study for 1 more year in Germany to receive a German nursing degree; During the transition study period, you are arranged to work at medical facilities with a salary from 2000 Euro/month (50 million VND/month).

How to Apply for Study and Work Opportunities in Germany

  1. Conditions for applying for a Nursing degree conversion program in Germany

– Age between 18 and 35

High school graduation

– Currently studying or graduated from College/University majoring in Nursing in Vietnam. (For students studying Nursing in Vietnam, they can start learning German at EI GROUP)

– Have a certificate of nursing practice (can be added before the time of interview with German partner)

– Have good health; no infectious diseases

– Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

– Language proficiency to apply for Visa: German B1 certificate (will be trained by EI GROUP in about 8 months)

  1. Advantages of the Nursing Degree Transfer program in Germany

– Shorten your study time in Germany to only 12 months

– Completely exempted from tuition fees to convert Nursing degree in Germany

– Free German B2 course in Germany

– No need to prove financial

In parallel with the process of studying to convert degrees, international students can work at medical facilities with a salary of 2000 Euro/month (50 million VND/month).

– After studying and completing the diploma conversion exam, international students are awarded a nursing degree with universal value from Germany. Be arranged stable job with salary from 2,700 – 3000 Euro/month (67 – 75 million VND/month).

– Opportunity to permanently settle, sponsor relatives, naturalize German and build a career, sustainable future in Germany

  1. Route
  • In Vietnam (From 12 – 15 months)

– Approval of input documents

– Learn German and take the exam to get B1 certificate in about 8 months

– If students do not have a nursing practice certificate, they will have to practice to get the certificate (in parallel with the process of learning German).

– Send student records to Germany for registration and recognition/approval

– Complete the visa application (after the student has a German B1 certificate, a nursing practice certificate and passes the interview with a German partner) from 2-3 months

– After obtaining a visa, you will go through exit procedures in Vietnam to Germany.

  • In Germany

– Continue to study the German B2 course in parallel with the degree conversion study (this process is funded 100% of the cost and takes about 12 months in total). During this process, international students can work with a salary from 2000 Euro/month (50 million VND/month).

– Received a German degree in Nursing and went to work with a salary of 2,700 – 3000 Euro/month (67 – 75 million VND/month).

– Opportunity to settle permanently after 2 years of working, and at the same time to sponsor relatives, to naturalize in Germany if all conditions of German law are met.

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With the above information, EI GROUP hopes to help students get the most thorough preparation on the way to conquering their dream of becoming a nurse in Germany. If you have any further information that needs to be answered, please schedule a consultation by filling in the form below or contact the hotline: 19008888826

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