Studying abroad in Germany in the field of Restaurant – Hospitality is classified as one of the most popular occupations in Germany. In addition to ensuring a stable job with an attractive income, studying abroad is also an appropriate choice for dynamic, enthusiastic and creative young people. Let’s take a look at some of the latest information about this “hot” industry with EI GROUP!

The Requirements for studying in Germany - Studygram

  1. Conditions for applying for German vocational training in the field of Restaurant – Hospitality:

– Age between 18 and 35

– Graduated from high school or higher

– Have good health; no infectious diseases

– Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

– Language proficiency to apply for Visa: German B1 certificate (will be trained by EI GROUP in about 8 months)

– Experience working in the field of Restaurant – Hotel is an advantage.

  1. Vocational study abroad route in Germany in the field of Restaurant – Hotel:

Step 1: Find out about the program and apply for admission at EI GROUP

Step 2: Learn German from A1-B1 for 8 months, then take the exam to get B1 certificate.

Interwoven with the learning process are practice sessions to interview for a job contract of a German partner.

Study in Germany - Best Universities, Courses, Living Costs 2023

Step 3: Process documents and apply for Visa

Next, students will be guided to complete the application for a German vocational student visa at the Embassy. Visa processing usually takes 1-2 months. The pass rate of EI GROUP students’ German vocational student visa is currently 100%.

Step 4: Complete exit procedures in Vietnam and entry in Germany

Step 5: Study in Germany

After flying to Germany, international students will start a free apprenticeship program lasting about 3 years, with 30% of the time to study theory and 70% of the time to practice at businesses and receive a salary. Practical salary to cover living expenses while studying in Germany.

EI GROUP will accompany international students during their first visit to Germany.

  1. Apprenticeship Program Restaurant – Hotel in Germany:

When participating in the Restaurant – Hospitality apprenticeship program in Germany, international students will be trained from basic to advanced knowledge and skills necessary for future jobs, specifically as follows:

study in germany without ielts 2022

* For Restaurant industry:

– Welcoming and welcoming guests.

– Manage food and beverage service.

– Manage and organize service activities at the restaurant.

– Organization of events and festivals.

– Can work at different locations: indoor, outdoor, or customer location.

* For Restaurant industry:

– Receive support and advice for customers.

– Check and arrange rooms for guests.

– Guide sales calls and transactions.

– Planning and organizing events.

– Develop, implement and monitor hotel marketing activities

  1. Salary of Restaurant – Hotel profession in Germany:

During the apprenticeship, international students can practice and receive a salary of 900 – 1,100 Euro/month (23 – 28 million VND/month). This salary ensures that international students can pay for living and housing expenses during their apprenticeship.

After 3 years of study, international students graduate and work with a salary ranging from 2,000 – 2,500 Euro/month (50 – 62.5 million VND/month). The salary difference depends on each field, experience and place of work.

  1. The future of the restaurant – hotel profession in Germany:

With its geographical location in the heart of Europe, Germany is an interesting tourist destination. Along with a long and diverse culture in many festivals, the Restaurant – Hotel service industry in Germany is very developed.

You will easily find an ideal job anywhere in Germany after graduation. In addition to a relatively high salary of 2,000 – 2,500 Euro/month (50 – 62.5 million VND/month), you will also often get tips and other bonuses.

Especially, after finishing school, going to work and having experience, you can completely open a restaurant – small hotel and be your own business owner. All you need to do now is start registering for a German course at EI GROUP!

The above information must have helped you better understand the Restaurant – Hotel industry in Germany, right! If you have any further information that needs to be answered, please schedule a consultation by filling in the form below or contact the hotline: 19008888826

Attractive scholarships are waiting for new students of EI GROUP!