It is not difficult for you to come across great architectural works when coming to Germany. As a country that both retains a long tradition and integrates to develop in the direction of modernization, Germany’s construction industry is also very developed.

Like other professions, Germany also needs a team of skilled engineers and builders. So how does Germany create builders that meet the world’s most demanding standards?

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  1. Construction Apprenticeship Program in Germany

International students will undergo 3 years of construction training in Germany. In these 3 years, international students will be completely exempted from tuition fees. The curriculum will include the following main topics:

In the first year, you will be trained in the basic knowledge of equipment, machinery and construction materials. Besides, you will also study subjects related to construction with reinforced concrete, wood.

In year 2, you begin to learn specialized knowledge about building high-rise buildings, building bridges and roads, constructing tunnels, expanding and repairing works.

By year 3, you will learn more deeply about construction techniques, use of software and technology in construction, design skills, reading drawings, calculating labor, …

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The apprenticeship process will be associated with practice, international students will receive a practical salary of 900 – 1,200 Euro/month (23 – 30 million VND/month) and increase gradually over the years.

  1. Work of Builders in Germany

After graduating, you will be able to apply the knowledge you have learned and practice to real work.

Your job will mainly work at construction sites.

The salary of construction workers after graduation is about 2,300 – 3,200 Euro/month (58 – 80 million VND/month).

  1. Construction career prospects in Germany

Skilled manpower in the Construction profession in Germany has never been considered sufficient. You can completely get a job at construction companies after completing a 3-year apprenticeship program.

Germany also always has good support policies for human resources in the construction industry. In addition to the monthly salary, you will also be supported with bonuses for holidays, Tet, vacation, medical care, ….

Your salary will also increase gradually over time with the profession and long working experience.

In short, studying abroad in Germany for Construction is a good choice. This is a job with a relatively good salary, prospects and clear future.

  1. Conditions for applying for a German apprenticeship in Construction

– Age from 18 to 27

– Graduated from high school or higher

– Have good health; no infectious diseases

– Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

– Language proficiency to apply for Visa: German B1 certificate (will be trained by EI GROUP in about 8 months)

– Experience in construction industry is an advantage.

  1. The route to study German vocational training in Construction industry

Step 1: Find out about the program and apply for admission at EI GROUP

Step 2: Learn German from A1-B1 for 8 months, then take the exam to get B1 certificate.

Interwoven with the learning process are practice sessions to interview for a job contract of a German partner.

Step 3: Process documents and apply for Visa

Next, students will be guided to complete the application for a German vocational student visa at the Embassy. Visa processing usually takes 1-2 months. The pass rate of EI GROUP students’ German vocational student visa is currently 100%.

Step 4: Complete exit procedures in Vietnam and entry in Germany

Step 5: Study in Germany

After flying to Germany, international students will start a free apprenticeship program lasting about 3 years, with 30% of the time to study theory and 70% of the time to practice at businesses and receive a salary. Practical salary to cover living expenses while studying in Germany.

EI GROUP will accompany international students during their first visit to Germany.

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In short, studying abroad in Germany for Construction is a good choice. This is a job with a relatively good salary, prospects and clear future. Do not hesitate any longer without contacting EI GROUP to realize your dream of studying abroad in Germany!

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