The Canadian education system is a bright spot that attracts many international students from all over the world, including Vietnam. Because this is a young, interesting and most dynamic country.

Studying in Canadian high school is a trend that ensures a solid future for Vietnamese students. Studying abroad early is the optimal choice, creating a stepping stone to the top prestigious universities in Canada and around the world.


* Enhance foreign language ability

Studying in Canada not only gives international students the opportunity to use and practice English, but also a good environment to learn a second language, French.

* Excellent training program

In addition to theoretical lectures in class, teachers always try to help students absorb all knowledge more easily and interestingly through practical lessons in class or extracurricular activities, field trips. economic.

Interwoven with career guidance programs to support international students in choosing a career that suits their abilities and aspirations.

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Become a global citizen:

Experiencing an international educational environment that helps international students practice independence from an early age, integration of cultures, advanced knowledge is a good premise for self-development to become global citizens in the future. 

* Admission to prestigious universities:

Completing a Canadian high school program with good grades opens doors to top universities in Canada and around the world.


 – From 10 years old (grade 5) to under 18 years old (grade 12). Canadian high school starts in grades 9-12.

    + As long as students have transcripts / academic results of a previous year of study in Vietnam, they can study in Canada for the next year.

    + Students who have completed the 11th grade program in Vietnam and started studying the 12th grade program in Canada, if they meet the graduation requirements, will be granted a Canadian high school diploma (schools in the province of Ontario).

 – GPA of the school year from 6.0 or higher

 – Foreign languages: No English certificate is required in Vietnam. International students will study English in parallel with the popular culture program in Canada

 – Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

 – Have no relatives illegally residing in Canada

– Be healthy enough to study in Canada according to regulations

 Financial proof: Savings book of 800 million or more (can prove income from relatives: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister…)

Major Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students


 3.1. Route in Vietnam:

Step 1: Enrollment procedure at EI GROUP: advice on choosing a school, choosing a destination to study in Canada, submitting an entry profile and completing financial

Step 2: Apply for a study offer letter with a Canadian school (2 – 3 days)

 Dossiers include: Passport, Birth Certificate, Academic Report / Transcript of the last 2 school years, CCCD of the student and parents, High School Diploma (if any), English certificate (if any).

Step 3: Receive a letter of offer from a Canadian school and pay the required fees (tuition, housing, guardianship…) (2 weeks)

Step 4: Receive LOA (Letter of Approval) from the Canadian school to complete the Visa application (Visa processing time is from 2-3 months)

Step 5: After obtaining Visa, do procedures to book flight tickets and exit in Vietnam

Step 6: Immigration procedures in Canada and admission to Canadian schools.

3.2. Route in Canada

– Canadian high school starts from grades 9-12.

 – Students have 8 subjects to complete at the Canadian high school level: English, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Applied Skills/ Business Education/ Fine Art, Planning and Graduation Transition.

 Most Canadian high schools offer AP and IB programs:

 + AP Program: A program that accumulates AP credits. Students can easily transfer into freshman or sophomore year. This is a program recognized by most universities in Canada, the United States and many other countries.

 + IB Program: A study program to prepare for entering prestigious universities in the world. An IB degree in Canada is highly valued in the admissions and scholarship process at most universities around the world.

 After completing a Canadian high school program, students have the following options:

 + Continue studying to College/University

 + Participate in vocational courses

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Fees Amount of money
CAD/year VND/year
Tuition 15.000 – 18.000 270 – 324
Guardianship fee 1.2 21,6
Housing fee 16 288
Insurance 600 10,8

* Tuition fees vary depending on the course and school in Canada.

With the above information, EI GROUP believes that parents have more confidence in choosing to study in Canada for their children!

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