One of the factors that makes Australia the most developed country today is education. The quality of education in Australia is considered to be higher than that of other countries in the region. According to the latest statistics, the number of international students studying in Australia ranks third in the world, just behind the UK and the US.

Studying in high school in Australia is the first choice of many families in Vietnam. Let’s find out why wise parents always orient this program early for their children through the article below!

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– No English certificate is required when applying for a visa

– Studying abroad in Australian high school under the 12-year system will completely correspond to the classes in Vietnam

– Parents are eligible to follow up when their children are under 18 years old

– Students have more time to integrate, increase adaptability and familiarize themselves with teaching methods before entering the university lecture hall.

– Participating in career guidance programs and extra-curricular activities to help students develop both book knowledge and social skills.

– Build a solid foundation of English, save time studying the Preparatory courses. A diploma from an Australian high school is a solid golden ticket to help you enter the University.

– The longer you study in Australia, the more opportunities you have to develop a long-term career and settle down after graduation.


 – From 13 years old (grade 8) to under 18 years old (grade 12)

 – GPA of the school year from 6.0 or higher

 – Foreign languages: No English certificate is required in Vietnam. International students will study English in Australia before studying in the high school culture program

 – Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

 – Have no relatives illegally residing in Australia

 – Be healthy enough to study in Australia according to regulations

 Financial proof: Savings book of 800 million or more (can prove income from relatives: grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister…)

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 3.1. Route in Vietnam:

Step 1: Enrollment procedure at EI GROUP: advice on choosing a school, choosing a destination to study in Australia, submitting an entry profile and completing financial

Step 2: Apply for an offer of study with an Australian school (2-5 weeks)

 Dossiers include: Passport, Birth Certificate, Academic Report / Transcript of the last 2 school years, CCCD of the student and parents, High School Diploma (if any), English certificate (if any).

Step 3: Receive an Australian school offer letter and pay the required fees (tuition, housing, guardianship…) (2 weeks)

Step 4: Receive the COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) from the Australian school to complete the Visa application (Visa processing time is from 1-2 months)

Step 5: After obtaining Visa, do procedures to book flight tickets and exit in Vietnam

Step 6: Immigration procedures in Australia and admission to Australian schools.

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3.2. Itinerary in Australia:

Step 1: Attend an English course (about 20 weeks, tuition fee from 300 – 400 AUD/week)

Step 2: The Australian high school program is divided into 2 levels:

 * Junior Secondary (grades 7 – 10)

 – Subjects taught include Math, Natural Science, Social Science, English,…

 – After completing the Junior Secondary program, international students can choose to continue their studies or participate in vocational courses to get Certificates I, II, III, IV.

 * Senior Secondary (grades 11-12)

 – After completing grade 11, international students have 3 options:

 + Continue studying to grade 12

 Or take a preparatory course for 1 year and then go directly to the University

 Or join the Certificate IV vocational course

 – After completing grade 12, international students who meet the graduation requirements will be awarded an Australian high school diploma, then have 2 options:

 Or continue studying to College (Diploma)

 Or take a preparatory course for 1 year and then go directly to the University

 Or join the Certificate IV vocational course


Fees Amount of money
AUD/year VND/year
Tuition 16.000 – 25.000 256 – 400
Guardianship fee 2.400 – 7.500 38,4 – 120
Housing fee 16.000 256
Insurance 600 9,6

EI GROUP hopes the above information can help parents have the most overview about the high school study abroad program in Australia to make informed choices for their children’s future.

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