In recent years, studying abroad in Germany is becoming a new wave that has attracted the great attention of students. Thanks to the advantages such as completely exemption from tuition fees, receiving salary benefits during the school year is the factor that makes more and more young Vietnamese young people register to attend after graduating from high school.

However, you are wondering where to register for a German apprenticeship at prestige and quality? Understanding that psychology of parents, students, EI Group has been a bridge to help thousands of Vietnamese students have the opportunity to study and work in the country with the leading economy in Europe – Germany.

Let’s find out the reason why students and parents have chosen to study Germany at Ei Group:

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Let’s take a look at the information and interests of students when registering to study German vocational training at Ei Group:

Established in 2015, the National Expertrans Ei education and vocational training system, under Expertrans Holding, is always proud to be a reputable address for students to choose to study abroad.
Let’s take a look at the information and benefits that students can receive when accompanying Expertrans Ei:

→ Students are advised to choose a school, choose a career, choose a free state.

Ei Group is a strategic partner of many leading vocational training and training organizations in Germany such as: Fuu- Sachsen, BSW, Dehoga, Biw, Campus, … During the past few years, we have combined Admissions of the main industry blocks are:► Nursing industry
► Mechanical sector
► Construction industry
► Restaurant-hotel industry
► Information Technology Division
► Nursing transformation
► Mechanical conversion
► Convert IT

And more than 50 other industries.

→ Students who are trained in German and methodical culture with short routes

With more than 15 years of experience in foreign language training, with a team of good lecturers graduating from national universities, Hanoi University, EI Group is committed to output quality, helping students achieve language certificates. The language is necessary to prepare for vocational training in Germany. In addition to direct German training, EI Group also offers exclusive online German training courses in Vietnam for students nationwide.
Time to learn German A1 – B1 from 6-8 months, A1 – B2 from 9-12 months (with boarding dormitories for students). In addition, students also learned the basic orientation, learn about culture and German law through integration courses.

→ Support for applying for admission, making a 100%passive visa, ensuring benefits and job opportunities for students

Ei Group has accompanied students from learning German, until the entry and exit procedures in Germany, getting used to the first time in Germany and always keeping in touch with family and students during the learning process. In addition, EI Group ensures other benefits such as receiving vocational salary benefits from 1,100 -1,300 Euro/month, insurance, and long -term job opportunities after graduation.

→ With the representative office system stretching throughout the provinces, EI Group brings quick and instant support for students and parents across the country.

Ei Group is committed to accompanying parents and students on the path of conquering the German dream. For the earliest support, you can contact us at the hotline: 0926064999

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  • Male, Female, age 18-35 years old
  • High school graduate or above
  • Have good health, do not have hepatitis B, C, infectious diseases and other social diseases
  • No criminal record
  • Language proficiency: German with certificates B1 or B2 issued by Goethe-Institut Vietnam or equivalent certificates approved by the German Embassy such as TELC, OSD…



Study and work in a civilized environment with modern facilities


Receive a monthly allowance (scholarship) from 1,100 – 1,300 Euro during your study in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Can work up to 10 hours/week with an income of about 15-18 Euro/hour.


Paid insurance from a monthly flat rate according to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.


After graduating from the course, you are guaranteed to work in Germany for 5 years or more and enjoy a salary of 2,300-3,000 Euro/month and other benefits like Germans.


According to German labor law, students have the right to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany after uninterrupted employment and studies (5 years).


  1. Students directly register to participate in the program at EI investment and Education Group Joint Stock Company or contact their phones and emails for instructions.
  2. Learn German from A1-B1 level for 6-8 months at EI ACADEMY Academy under EI GROUP (with dormitory for students)
  3. Basic orientation learning: Learn the culture, customs, laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the basic, necessary information 1-2 months before coming to Germany.
  4. Do visa application procedures for 1-2 months (in parallel while studying German and studying orientation)
  5. Do exit and admission procedures in the Federal Republic of Germany
  6. At the end of the course, students receive an international degree and sign an official work contract.


1. Curriculum Vitae (Specify the time from elementary school to now, what to do, where)
2. Notarized National Identity Card/Citizen Identity, Birth Certificate copy
3. Health certificate to work and study abroad (will be guided to examine at some qualified hospitals)
4. High school diploma, high school transcript, diploma and transcript of intermediate, college or university (if any)
5. German certificate A2-B1-B2 (If any)​​
6. Passport valid for more than 12 months (if not, instructions will be given later)
7. Marriage certificate (if any)
8. Judicial record made at the Department of Justice of the province or city where you reside (If you do not have one, you will be guided to do it later)
9. Photograph: 12 3×4 photos (shirt, white background); 12 Passport photo 3.5 x 4.5 (will be instructed to do later)


  • Consulting on choosing a school, choosing a free career
  • Maximum support in the learning process in Vietnam
  • Support students in the first time to Germany
  • Ensuring certainty job opportunities for students