If you are a foodie, becoming a professional chef in Germany is truly amazing and desirable. With its geographical position as the heart of Europe, German cuisine is subject to interference from many different countries. Every year, Germany welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world, so the demand for Chef jobs in Germany is extremely high. If you want to become a professional Chef in Germany, don’t miss the information below!


  1. Chef Apprenticeship Program in Germany

Similar to other professions, the Chef Apprenticeship program will blend theory with practice over the course of 3 years. Students will learn knowledg such as:

– Prepare and cook dishes

– Learn about food safety, environmental protection

– Learn safety regulations at work

– Consulting and making menus for customers

– Food preservation process

– Learn about the nutritional value of foods

– The art of decorating food

– Psychology of sales

– Learn the typical culinary culture of Germany and other countries around the world

– Research and create recipes to catch up with new trends.

  1. Work of a Chef in Germany

After a well-trained process, a professional Chef will make dishes according to customers’ requirements. In addition to typical dishes from European countries, a professional Chef in Germany must also know the cuisine of many other countries in the world.


  1. Chef salary in Germany

During 3 years of apprenticeship, international students majoring in Chef will receive a practical salary of 900 – 1,100 Euro/month (23 – 28 million VND/month). After graduation, the salary of a Professional Chef in Germany is around 2000 – 3,500 Euro/month (50 – 87.5 million VND) and the number can be higher depending on the restaurant.


  1. Chef career prospects in Germany

After graduation, students have the opportunity to work at international standard restaurant and hotel chains, on luxury and high-class yachts, etc. Especially, if you have financial capacity, it’s perfect. You can open your own restaurant.


Chefs after working time have the opportunity to settle permanently, sponsor relatives and build a sustainable future in Germany.

  1. Conditions for applying for a German apprenticeship in Chef:

– Age between 18 and 35

– Graduated from high school or higher

– Have good health; no infectious diseases

– Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

– Language proficiency to apply for Visa: German B1 certificate (will be trained by EI GROUP in about 8 months)

– Experience working in the field of Chef is an advantage.


  1. Vocational study abroad program in Germany for Chef:

Step 1: Find out about the program and apply for admission at EI GROUP


Step 2: Learn German from A1-B1 for 8 months, then take the exam to get B1 certificate.

Interwoven with the learning process are practice sessions to interview for a job contract of a German partner.


Step 3: Process documents and apply for Visa

Next, students will be guided to complete the application for a German vocational student visa at the Embassy. Visa processing usually takes 1-2 months. The pass rate of EI GROUP students’ German vocational student visa is currently 100%.


Step 4: Complete exit procedures in Vietnam and entry in Germany

Step 5: Study in Germany

After flying to Germany, international students will start a free apprenticeship program lasting about 3 years, with 30% of the time to study theory and 70% of the time to practice at businesses and receive a salary. Practical salary to cover living expenses while studying in Germany.

EI GROUP will accompany international students during their first visit to Germany.


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