In recent years, German vocational training has emerged as a new wave attracting the attention of many young people. It is thanks to the advantages such as: completely exempting tuition fees, receiving practical salaries throughout the school years, which are the factors that make more and more Vietnamese students register to attend after graduating from high school.

Study in Germany | Complete Guide for International Students

However, you are wondering where to register to study in Germany with prestige and quality? Understanding that mentality of parents and students, EI GROUP has been a bridge to help thousands of Vietnamese students and students have the opportunity to study and work in a country with a leading economy. Europe – Germany.


1.1. Simple entry condition

As long as you are between the ages of 18 and 35, have graduated from high school, do not have infectious diseases and are in good health, you can register to attend the German Vocational Education Program. The professions that most of you choose to study are: Nursing / Nursing conversion, Restaurant, Hotel, Chef, Food processing, Mechanic, Construction.

1.2. Visa pass rate is almost absolute

After you have a German B1 certificate along with the original job contract, you will complete the documents to apply for a Visa. The rate of passing the German Vocational Student Visa at EI GROUP is almost absolute.

1.3. 100% tuition fee waiver and practice salary while studying

International students are completely exempted from 100% of tuition fees during 3 – 3.5 years of study. At the same time, they can practice at businesses and receive a salary of 909 – 1,400 Euro/month. This salary ensures that international students can pay rent, meals and living expenses in Germany.

In addition, international students can work up to 10 hours/week to earn extra income.

How to Study in Germany after 12th? Courses & Universities

1.4. Get an international degree and secure a job after graduation

After completing the course of study in Germany, international students will be awarded a diploma of universal value.

With this degree, businesses that international students have practiced during their studies will be willing to pay salaries up to 2,300 – 3000 Euro/month.

1.5. Opportunity to settle, sponsor relatives and naturalize

Germany encourages workers to stay and work long-term. Therefore, after studying (usually 3 years) and adding 2 years to work in the right profession, international students have the right to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.

Besides, international students can completely sponsor their relatives to visit and stay with them; acquire German citizenship if the requirements under German law are met.


– Age between 18 and 35

– Graduated from high school or higher

– Have good health; no infectious diseases

– Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

– Language proficiency to apply for Visa: German B1 certificate (will be trained by EI GROUP in about 8 months)


How to Apply for Study and Work Opportunities in Germany

  1. Learn about the program and apply for admission at EI GROUP

You will be consulted by the admission officer of EI GROUP specifically with information related to the German Vocational Study Abroad program. Next, there are related procedures for admission such as: submitting documents, completing finance, signing a study abroad consulting contract, …

  1. Learn German

EI GROUP will train students in German with the goal of passing the German B1 certificate. German language training A1 – A2 – B1 usually takes about 8 months. During this time, students will be trained interspersed with soft skills courses, German cultural integration and online seminars with educational institutions and businesses in Germany.

Entering the second half of the German B1 level, students will be trained in interviews to prepare for the official interview and apply for a job contract with a German partner.

  1. Processing documents and applying for Visa

After passing the German certificate B1 along with the original set of job contracts, the German partner was transferred to Vietnam. Students will be guided to complete the application for a German vocational student visa at the Embassy. Visa processing usually takes 1-2 months. The pass rate of EI GROUP students’ German vocational student visa is currently 100%.

Procedures for exiting Vietnam and entering Germany

After obtaining a German vocational student visa, EI GROUP will complete exit procedures in Vietnam for students. After the flight lasts about 12-25 hours (depending on the flight itinerary), students will enter Germany.

Students will be picked up at the German airport and transferred to the school and receive the dormitory.

  1. Study in Germany

Next, international students will go through a free apprenticeship process that lasts about 3 years. International students will have 30% of the time to study theory and 70% of the time will practice at businesses and receive a salary from 909 – 1400 Euro/month.

The staff of EI GROUP in Germany will support the students in the first time when they come to Germany.

Through this article, EI GROUP would like to send to parents and students the latest important updates about the German Vocational Study Abroad program. EI GROUP believes that the above information will help parents make informed decisions for their children’s future. Welcome to be