Studying abroad in Canada is becoming a trend and an indispensable choice for young people. Short study time, practical training, affordable tuition, … are the factors that attract the great attention of Vietnamese students.

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  1. Advantages of the Canadian vocational training program

   * Relatively low tuition fees: from 10,000 – 15,000 CAD/year (180 – 270 million VND/year) (differences depending on the profession and the student’s registration)

    * Short duration of apprenticeship in Canada: from 2 years

* Study and internship program: The study program of international students will include theoretical time in class and practical practice. This will help learners have useful practical experience as well as an income to cover living expenses for living in Canada. During the holidays, international students can work full-time

* Opportunity to apply for a job right after graduation with an attractive salary

* Easy communication: Graduates of a vocational study abroad course in Canada can apply to study in public colleges/universities to apply for a permit to stay and work for 2-3 years after graduation. Karma.

    * Opportunity to settle in Canada: After graduating from a public college/university, students can apply to work for 2-3 years depending on their qualifications and if they meet all the conditions, they can apply for settled in Canada.

  1. Conditions for studying in Canada

  – Age from 18 to 35

  – Graduated from high school or higher

  – GPA of 6.0 or higher

 – English IELTS to start applying for a visa from 4.5 or higher (without IELTS will be trained by EI GROUP in Vietnam). IELTS English requirements for admission in Canada will depend on the profession and the school the student is applying to.

 – Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

 – Have no relatives illegally residing in Canada

 – Healthy enough to study and work in Canada

 – Proof of financial support to study during the period of study in Canada (including tuition fees, accommodation costs, insurance, air tickets, etc.)

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  1. The prominent occupations of the Canadian vocational training program

 – Tourism, Restaurant, Hotel industry

 – Division of Business, Commerce

 – Engineering, Mechanical, Architecture, Construction

 – Division of Computer Science, Information Technology

 – Department of Communication, Marketing

 – Medical sector, Health sector

 – Department of Kindergarten Teacher


 Step 1: Listen to advice and fill out the admission form

 Step 2: Finalize finance and sign the contract

 Step 3: Learn IELTS English at EI GROUP (6-8 months depending on the ability of each student)

 Step 4: Processing visa application (2-3 months after having minimum IELTS 4.5)

 Step 5: Exit procedures in Vietnam

 Step 6: Immigration procedures in Canada.

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Above is all the information related to the Canadian vocational training program. If you have any further information that needs to be answered, please schedule a consultation by filling in the form below or contact the hotline: 19008888826

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