Australia is considered an ideal destination for Vietnamese students. The survey shows that, for every 10 students who want to study abroad, 3 of them choose to study in Australia.

In recent years, the Australian vocational training program has been like a new breeze with many advantages and benefits that attract special attention from parents and students. Find out with EI GROUP why studying in Australia is the choice of hundreds of families through the article below!

Study in Australia | Complete Guide for International Students

  1. Explaining the attraction of vocational training programs in Australia

     * Relatively low tuition fee: from 6,000 – 14,000 AUD/year (108 – 252 million VND/year) (differences depending on the profession and the student’s registration school)

    * Short duration of apprenticeship in Australia: from 6 months to 3 years (depending on the study program)

 * Study and internship program: The study program of international students will include theoretical time in class and practical practice. This will help learners gain valuable practical experience as well as an income to cover living expenses in Australia. During the holidays, international students can work full-time

* Opportunity to apply for a job right after graduation

According to Australian government statistics, more than 50% of international students find a full-time job in Australia after graduation and up to 75% after 6 months! The average salary of graduates of vocational certificates I, II is 48,000 AUD/year; certificate III, IV is 53,200 AUD/year; College and above is 60,800 AUD/year. In particular, more than 90% of students get a part-time job in the right field of study. The average overtime salary ranges from 12-25 AUD/hour.

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* The percentage of international students from Vietnam getting visas is getting higher and higher

* Easy transfer learning: Graduates of vocational training courses in Australia can apply to transfer to a higher level if needed.

* Opportunity to settle in Australia: After graduation, students have the opportunity to stay in Australia to work for a period of 18 months or apply for settlement in Australia if they meet all the conditions.

  1. Conditions for studying in Australia
  • Conditions for consideration of entry documents

  – Age from 18 to 35

 – Completed the 11th or 12th grade program in Vietnam

 – GPA of 6.0 or higher

 – English IELTS to start applying for a visa from 4.5 or higher (without IELTS will be trained by EI GROUP in Vietnam).

 – Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

 – Have no relatives illegally residing in Australia

 – Healthy enough to study and work in Australia

 – Proof of financial support to study during the study period in Australia (including tuition fees, accommodation costs, insurance, air tickets, etc.)

  • Conditions for admission in Australia

– Completed 11th or 12th grade in Vietnam

         – English: minimum IELTS 5.5 or PTE A above 46

  1. Outstanding occupations of the Australian vocational training program

 – Tourism, Restaurant, Hotel industry

 – Division of Business, Commerce

 – Engineering, Mechanical, Architecture, Construction

 – Division of Computer Science, Information Technology

 – Department of Communication, Marketing

 – Medical sector, Health sector

 – Department of Kindergarten Teacher

  1. Vocational courses in Australia and tuition fees
Course Training time Tuition
Certificate I  4 – 6 months 6.000 – 12.000
Certificate II & III  6 – 12 months 6.000 – 12.000
Certificate IV  12 – 18 months 6.000 – 12.000
Diploma  18 – 24 months 12.000 – 14.000
Advanced Diploma  2 – 3 years 12.000 – 16.000
Vocational Graduate Certificate  6 – 12 months 6.000 – 12.000
Vocational Graduate Diploma  1 – 2 years 12.000 – 14.000

Note: The above tuition fees are estimated and vary depending on the subject and school.

Housing costs from 12,000 – 14,000 AUD/year.

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  1. Vocational training route in Australia
  • Completing grade 11 in Vietnam: Studying for a Level III vocational certificate then progressing to a Level IV vocational certificate or professional diploma => advanced professional diploma
  • Completed grade 12 in Vietnam: Studying for a level IV vocational certificate or professional diploma => advanced professional diploma

Graduates of Vocational College can apply to work immediately, or transfer to university. International students and students are allowed to stay in Australia for 1.5 years and can apply for permanent residence when eligible. Most Australian students choose to do an apprenticeship – work to earn money – and then return to university when they are ready. This route helps students save money and work while studying if they decide to go to university. Many international students have chosen this study route.


 Step 1: Listen to advice and fill out the admission form

 Step 2: Finalize finance and sign the contract

 Step 3: Learn IELTS English at EI GROUP (6-8 months depending on the ability of each student)

 Step 4: Processing visa application (2-3 months after having minimum IELTS 4.5)

 Step 5: Exit procedures in Vietnam

 Step 6: Immigration procedures in Australia

Above is all information related to the Australian vocational training program. If you have any further information that needs to be answered, please schedule a consultation by filling in the form below or contact the hotline: 19008888826

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