Europe is facing the risk of serious aging of the population and Germany is one of the countries facing that situation. It is estimated that in the next 15 years, the country could lose 5 million people in the labor force and bring pressure to care for the elderly.

That is why the door to study Nursing in Germany is open and easier than ever for students from Vietnam.

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  1. What kind of training will international nursing students receive in Germany?

The Nursing apprenticeship program in Germany will train the skills and knowledge necessary to take care of human health, namely care for the elderly, care for children and care for the sick.

In parallel with the theoretical study time at the school, international students are arranged to practice at relevant medical facilities. This not only helps international students gain practical experience, but they also receive a practical salary to cover living expenses in Germany.

The subjects in the Nursing apprenticeship program in Germany are: Anatomy, Body Care, Psychology, Diagnostics and Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Law, Languages ​​(English, German),…

During the internship at medical facilities, you will be assigned to work in the morning, afternoon and evening shifts. You will perform tasks such as measuring the pathological indicators, giving the patient medication, infusion, feeding the patient according to the regimen, …

  1. What is the job of a Nurse in Germany?

After graduation, you will work in medical facilities such as: nursing homes, hospitals, health care centers, emergency centers, home care….Some nursing jobs in Germany as follows:

– Taking care of patients according to the doctor’s protocol with the goal of helping patients maximize their independence.

– Post-recovery care and treatment of patients such as reminders to take medications, infusions, exercise, nutrition and individual therapies for each patient.

– Coordinate with the doctor to periodically inform about the patient’s condition to provide the optimal treatment plan.

– Manage books, medical records, hand over shift.

– Arrange appointment, visit, re-examination

– Manage hospital facilities, medical equipment

  1. Salary of Nursing profession in Germany

During the apprenticeship, the internship salary of international students will range from 1,150 – 1,450 Euro/month (25-35 million VND/month). Salary will be increased gradually over the years. This internship salary guarantees living expenses and even a savings while studying.

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After graduation, the average salary of nurses in Germany is from 2,300 – 3,200 Euro/month (55 – 80 million VND/month). In addition to salary, nurses are also entitled to overtime pay, night shift allowance, sick leave allowance, leave salary, holiday bonus, Tet holiday, etc.

  1. Nursing career prospects in Germany:

– Nursing is classified as a serious shortage of human resources in Germany, so it is possible for you to find a stable job with a high income.

– Nursing is a profession with a higher salary than other professions in Germany and is increasingly adjusted up with better and better remuneration policies. The more experience you have in this profession, the higher your salary will be. Estimated income of a professional nurse in Germany after 5 years of experience can be up to 6000 Euro/month (150 million VND/month)

– Nursing degree is very valuable. The nursing profession is given special attention and is strictly regulated by the German state. You can hold this Nursing degree to apply for jobs in many other countries, not just Germany. If you return to Vietnam to work with a Nursing degree granted by Germany, you will also be welcomed at major medical facilities and hospitals.

– Opportunity to apply for permanent residence, sponsor relatives, acquire German citizenship and build a sustainable future in the country known as the heart of Europe.

  1. Conditions for applying to study abroad in Germany for nursing:

– Age between 18 and 35

– Graduated from high school or higher

– Have good health; no infectious diseases

– Clean background, no criminal record, criminal record

– Language proficiency to apply for Visa: German B1 certificate (will be trained by EI GROUP in about 8 months)

– Have a certificate of nursing background (not yet will be trained)

  1. German Vocational Study Pathway for Nursing

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Step 1: Find out about the program and apply for admission at EI GROUP

After being specifically consulted by EI GROUP about the Nursing program in Germany, students will complete the relevant procedures for admission such as: submitting documents, completing finance, signing a travel consultant contract. learn,…

Step 2: Learn German

EI GROUP will train students in German with the goal of passing the German B1 certificate. German language training A1 – A2 – B1 usually takes about 8 months. During this time, students will be trained interspersed with soft skills courses, German cultural integration and online seminars with educational institutions and businesses in Germany.

Entering the second half of the German B1 level, students will be trained in interviews to prepare for the official interview and apply for a job contract with a German partner.


Step 3: Process documents and apply for Visa

After passing the German certificate B1 along with the original set of job contracts, the German partner was transferred to Vietnam. Students will be guided to complete the application for a German vocational student visa at the Embassy. Visa processing usually takes 1-2 months. The pass rate of EI GROUP students’ German vocational student visa is currently 100%.


Step 4: Complete exit procedures in Vietnam and entry in Germany

After obtaining a German vocational student visa, EI GROUP will complete exit procedures in Vietnam for students. After the flight lasts about 12-25 hours (depending on the flight itinerary), students will enter Germany.

Students will be picked up at the German airport and transferred to the school and receive the dormitory.

Step 5: Study in Germany

For Nursing, after flying to Germany, international students will continue to participate in a German B2 course before entering an apprenticeship program. This German B2 course lasts from 4-6 months and is usually tuition-funded for students of EI GROUP.


After finishing the German B2 course, international students will start a free apprenticeship program lasting about 3 years. International students will have 30% of the time to study theory and 70% of the remaining time will practice at businesses and receive a practical salary guaranteed to pay for living expenses while studying in Germany.

EI GROUP will accompany international students during their first visit to Germany.


With the above information, EI GROUP hopes to help students get the most thorough preparation on the way to conquering their dream of becoming a nurse in Germany. If you have any further information that needs to be answered, please schedule a consultation by filling in the form below or contact the hotline: 19008888826


Attractive scholarships are waiting for new students of EI GROUP!


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